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"The world has come together to forge a deal that finally reflects the aspiration, and the seriousness, to preserve our planet for future generations. We called for strong ambition, for remarkable partnerships, for mobilization of finance, and for implementation of national climate plans... Now the job becomes our shared responsibility."

Jim Yong Kim, World Bank Group President

The Rockies Institute

Building Climate Resilience & Adaptation

TRI is a new Canadian charity with a mission to help individuals, businesses and communities build resilience and adapt to climate change.

Working closely with communities and businesses, we address the gaps between knowledge and action and co-design pathways toward resilient futures. Our charitable work involves delivering full climate resilient and adaptation planning to vulnerable communities. We also work with businesses and organizations (fees vary). For example:

Climate Change 101:  delivering basic climate change knowledge to stakeholders – getting everyone on the same page

  • Presentations that help people understand basic climate change information and the relevant laws and plans that are shaping our world.

Pathways to Change Workshops:  co-designing customized stakeholder workshops – revealing risks and opportunities in context of a changing world

  • Workshops can be 1-3 day sessions (depending on number of participants). Stakeholders engage in vulnerability assessments, and learn why and how to incorporate the circumstance of climate change in their strategic planning.