"The bells of mindfulness are sounding. All over the Earth, we are experiencing floods, droughts, and massive wildfires. Sea ice is melting in the Arctic and hurricanes and heat waves are killing thousands. The forests are fast disappearing, the deserts are growing, species are becoming extinct every day, and yet we continue to consume, ignoring the ringing bells."

Thich Nhat Hanh

The TRI Team

Board of Governors

Chair, Dr. Shawn Marshall
Canada Research Chair in Climate Change and Professor at the University of Calgary

The Rockies Institute Board Member Dr. Shawn Marshal

Dr. Shawn Marshal, Chair

Shawn is the Canada Research Chair in Climate Change. He is a glaciologist and climatologist with broad interests in Earth system science. His background includes Engineering Science (Physics) at the University of Toronto and a Ph.D in Geophysics from the University of British Columbia (UBC).

He has explored numerous aspects of ice-age climate dynamics, including the climatic and glaciological patterns of ice sheet nucleation, reconstruction of the Last Glacial Maximum ice sheets in North America, processes of deglaciation at the end of the glacial periods and the role of ice sheets in millennial climate variability.

Shawn was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Committee on 'Advancing Climate Modeling' (2010-2012). He is also a professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary. The subject closest to his heart is regional-scales icefield dynamics and their sensitivity to climate change. His new field projects include the Haig Glacier and the Prince of Wales Icefield, Ellesmere Island in Canada's high arctic.

Insights from his renowned work applied to regional and global-scale icefield simulations to improve forecasts of the water resource and sea-level rise impacts that are expected from ongoing glacier retreat in the decades ahead.

Shawn was named one of 15 "top young scientists and engineers" in Canada and in 2005 he was the inaugural winner of the "Young Scientist Award" of the Canadian Geophysical Union for outstanding contributions to Earth science.

Laura S. Lynes
Owner/Operator InForm Communications

The Rockies Institute Board Member Laura S. Lynes

Laura S. Lynes

Laura brings ideas to life by connecting the dots and inspiring others. TRI is the culmination of her passion, skill and ability to connect others in a common goal.

She has a strong understanding of fund development processes, having been an integral part of two $100 M plus capital campaigns, and is former director of government relations and applied research for a post secondary institute in Alberta.

Laura has held executive positions in healthcare, is a recipient of the American Sociological Association's Jane Goodall Fellowship for her graduate research and holds a master degree in professional communication, specializing in international communications.

She is a published author and was recently chosen by the U.S Department of State as one of five Canadians to examine the U.S system of higher education as part of the International Visitors Leadership Program.

Dr. Andy Dobson
Professor, Princeton University

The Rockies Institute Board Member Dr. Andny Dobson

Dr. Andy Dobson

Andy is a world-renowned epidemiologist and professor at Princeton University whose work extends to the ecology and economics of land-use change, wildlife-human interactions and ecotourism. His primary research is concerned with the ecology of infectious diseases and the conservation of endangered and threatened species.

Andy's research focuses on the population and community ecology of infectious diseases in a variety of endangered and fragile ecosystems: the Serengeti in East Africa, the coastal salt marshes and grasslands of California and the eye's of the finches in the back yards of New England. He also works on the interaction between climate variability and the transmission of pathogens in muskoxen and caribou in the Canadian Arctic.

Each study focuses on a different aspect of interactions between pathogens and their hosts that has allowed him to develop sections of a larger body of theory that deals with the role of infectious diseases in natural populations and communities.

Andy is a graduate of the Aldo Leopold science communications program and is an elected Fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science.

Therese Greenwood
Communication Specialist, Fort McMurray

The Rockies Institute Board Member Therese Greenwood

Therese Greenwood

Therese has more than two decades of experience in strategic communications, media, public engagement, and stakeholder relations with public sector organizations in Ontario and Alberta. The recent recipient of an Executive Certificate in Public Sector Leadership from Queen's University's Executive Education program, Therese is interested in working with highly engaged teams whose strong relationships and effective story-telling reflect strategic community priorities. She has also worked as a reporter, editor, broadcaster, and journalism teacher, and holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. Originally from the Thousand Islands region, Therese has lived in Wood Buffalo for the past four years.

Dr. Barrie R. Nault
Professor and Director, University of Calgary

The Rockies Institute Board Member Therese Greenwood

Dr. Barrie R. Nault

Dr. Barrie R. Nault is the Distinguished Research Professor and Director of the Informatics Research Centre at the University of Calgary. He was previously on faculty at The Ohio State University, the University of California, and the University of Alberta. He received his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia. Dr. Nault is a Distinguished Fellow of the INFORMS Information Systems Society. His research interests include productivity of information technology; environmental incentives for new technology conversion; use of the Smart Grid; ownership, incentives, and investment in virtual organizations and supply chains; and net-neutrality and a two-tier Internet. Dr. Nault has published his research in academic journals such as Information Systems Research; Management Science; Production and Operations Management; Strategic Management Journal; Marketing Science; Journal of Monetary Economics, and Organization Science. He has also written reports for the National Research Council, and has held grants from the NSF in the U.S. as well as NSERC and SSHRC in Canada.


Dr. Cynthia Lane
Owner/Operator Lake Lily Ecology

Dr. Karl Van Orsdol
Senior Fellow, The Rockies Institute, California

Emily Harwit
Monitoring, evaluation and learning specialist, Brussels

Dr. John Colvin
University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute / Emerald Network

David Cox
Associate General Counsel National Energy Board, Canada

Paul Lessard
Former Partner, Colt Engineering

Nikolaus Demiantschuk
Demiantschuk Partner, Demiantschuk, DBH Law